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Pottery painting


Pottery – “Glaze painting extra”


All Pottery items come with poster paint as standard however if you prefer to paint with glaze paint and return the item to the studio for kiln firing you need this added extra for your paint at home kit:

Why choose glaze option? – Glaze & kiln firing will make the surface of your pottery water tight and sealed from dirt, bacteria and moisture (unless cracked). Our glaze will withstand frost (we have tested it in the snow over 5 years).  It is not dishwasher safe due to the nature of the dishwasher so please hand wash items.


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This kit contains:

  • 5 underglaze paints – red, blue, yellow, black and white. (You can mix the colours but try not to mix too many as the colours may turn out different after the kiln firing of 1020 degrees C.
  • Small brush for decorating.
  • instructions how to paint pottery and how to return items after painting.
  • Choose from a small kit – for 1 item such as a money box or a large kit for a large item such as a planter or vase

Please Text Laura on 086 1719400 to arrange delivery and collection. FREE within 5K and €3 within 30K.

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Glaze for a large item, Glaze for small item


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