Pottery Painting

At Florence & Milly we provide pre-fired pottery and supplies, so you can paint your own pottery and add personal touches with or without our guidance as a gift or keepsake.

If you are alone or in a group, a babe in arms, a couple on a date or a grandparent entertaining the family, this is an activity for all ages. And you do not need to be an artist to enjoy our extensive pottery activities.

Pottery painting

Florence & Milly supplies everything that you need:

Step 1
“Choose from a great selection of pre-fired pottery forms.”

Step 2
“Pick & paint your own pottery using our non-toxic glazes and finishes. All the brushes, sponges, stencils, and supplies can be provided. We give every customer an informative guide to read along with their pieces before they start decorating.”
Step 3
“Return your masterpieces to be clear glazed by us and fired in our kiln. We can post your items to you for an extra fee. Pricing is generally €11-20 to Ireland or €15+ to UK & Europe.”

* If you can’t wait that long, decorative items can be painted with acrylic paints and no need to return for glazing. These would be purely for decorative purposes and do not have the same finish to them as a glazed item.

** In the exceptional event of your pottery breaking or cracking in the kiln we will offer compensation by way of a replacement voucher.

Clay Handbuilding

Clay Handbuilding is a pottery making technique that involves creating forms without a pottery wheel, using the hands, fingers, and simple tools. There are no ends to its infinite possibilities and scope and here at Florence & Milly we offer you the opportunity to try it out.

Collecting your finished pots:

Please be aware that sometimes clay fired items can break or at worse explode in the kiln.  We try to control for these events, but it is not always possible.  It is the charm but also the frustration of working with ceramics.

Please allow approx. 5 weeks for your pots to be dried, fired & glazed for collection. We will advise via email (remember to check your spam folder) when your fabulous creations are ready along with collection times. Storage space is limited so a speedy collection is appreciated. Unfortunately, we are not able to hold on to uncollected pots beyond 30 Days. Collection is preferable or if you do not live in the surrounding area, we can wrap and post your finished pots to your home address at additional cost.

Ceramic Imprints/Outprints

Make your memories timeless with our ceramic Imprints/Outprints. An impression of a hand, foot or paw is made into clay as soft as butter, then it is shaped, dried, and fired in the Kiln, hand painted by the artist and re-fired in the kiln for a second time, before setting into a custom-made frame or strung with a beautiful ribbon for hanging.

  • €80 – 1 Hanging set
  • €90 – 1 Set of prints framed box frame
  • €150 – 2 sets of prints framed in A4 Frame
  • €160 – 2 sets of prints framed in A3 Frame
  • €130 – A4 frame
  • €250 – Family set & Custom frame deposit
  • €230 – Family set overlapping A3 frame
  • €60 – Single framed
  • €50 – Single hanging
  • €80 – Outprint single
  • €100 – Outprint 1 set of prints
  • €180 – Outprint 2 x sets of prints
  • Optional add a photo, choose your own shape & colour & text
Florence & Milly Ceramic Prints