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Florence & Milly Pottery

Discover the Surprising Benefits of Pottery for Your Mind and Body

Pottery enhances mental and physical well-being by fostering mindfulness, reducing stress, and promoting relaxation through tactile engagement. It bolsters creativity, self-expression, and problem-solving, while also improving focus, concentration, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills. Moreover, completing pottery projects can boost self-confidence, impart resilience, and foster a sense of achievement. Workshops can provide further learning opportunities.

Florence & Milly Limited

Hello there, my name is Laura Barry and I’d like to introduce my company, Florence & Milly Limited.  Florence & Milly is a new 24 seat paint your own pottery and crafts activity studio based in Co. Kildare. The studio is mainly pottery painting however a variety of arts and crafts workshops and demonstrations are available also. The pottery side of the cafe provides the […]

Co Kildare businesswoman says she is being ‘unjustly’ treated with signs found in dumpsite

A Co Kildare businesswoman is claiming that she is being ‘unjustly’ treated by the County Council, after temporary signs were reportedly found in a dumpsite. Laura Barry, two years in business, running Florence & Milly Art Studio, in Butterstream, Clane, said: “Having sought and received written permission from Kildare County Council to erect temporary signage […]

Florence & Milly Coffee Shop

Kildare Art Wellness Centre to open

Florence & Milly are set to launch an arts fundit project to fundraise €13,000 towards The Laurel Rooms @ Florence & Milly, a new open access art wellness suite for you to experience wholehearted wellness of mind, body and soul through art therapy, yoga, pilates, massage and pottery, which kicks off tomorrow (27.03.19). Owner, Laura Barry is a […]

The Laurel Rooms Rewards

The Laurel Rooms Rewards

You can purchase all these rewards here:–florence–milly For Images of the Rewards Click Here  Fund €10+ INVITE to our Launch Night with refreshments +This gift can be collected from the studio or emailed as a pdf. 100 Available Fund €25+ INVITE + take home pottery painting ceramic figure kit.Kit includes, ceramic animal 7cms, mini paint pots & […]